The Winning Recipe For Twitter: Earn Money And Grow Followers From Day 1

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50,000 followers. 1 year. Sounds like the dream, right? 

What if I told you it’s achievable?

How do I know? Because I did it.

In this book, I will show you how to max your Twitter Growth whilst earning money on Twitter from day 1.

I lay out the step-by-step process I used to get to 50k followers in 1 year.

No nonsense. No time wasting. 100% actionable steps.

This 12-month plan will show you how to get crazy traffic, lots of followers and most importantly, profits from your first day.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “You’re are Route2FI, your tweets are great. Of course it’s easy for you to grow & make money".

But let me tell you a secret. They weren’t always. I started in the same position you’re in now.

The only difference between me & you is that I’ve shown up every day for a year. 

In this year, I’ve learnt the skills you need to grow & succeed on Twitter. 

In this book, I want to show you all the tricks that I've used, so that you can grow fast and earn money from the very start.

Do you dream of an extra $1,000 ticking in every single Friday?

Let’s make that dream a reality. Here are a few snippets of what I’ve achieved so far.

Imagine earning an extra $4000 every month from a $30 investment. All from your Twitter.

Sound’s impossible, right?
Wrong. Once you know the methods, the game becomes easy.

For a small one-off investment, you can put yourself years ahead the competition.

Before you know it, you’ll be moving from 0k to 20K followers with thousands extra to spend every month.

Here’s what you’ll learn inside:

• How to build a following and attract the right audience

• How to build social proof for your products

• The methods used to earn serious money on Twitter

• How to double your engagement daily

Here are my impressions from February 2021



I started out on Twitter in January 2019.

For the first 5 months, I only got 700 followers.
Then I hired a mentor and the game changed.

Here’s the growth I experienced. 

June 2019: 2K followers

July 2019: 5K followers

August 2019: 8K followers

February 2020: 20K followers

May 2020: 25K followers

September 2020: 30K followers

March 2021: 46K followers

April 2021: 50K followers


This was my Twitter profile March 2021


This was my Twitter profile September 2020

This was my Twitter profile June 2020

Let's go back 1 Year...
This was my Twitter profile June 2019

So what happened?

How did I achieve 50k followers in 1 year & turn my profile into a money printer?

This is the exact question I answer in my book. 


📕 After you've read this book you'll be able to:

• Optimize Twitter Growth

• Build at least 1K+ Followers monthly with only 30 minutes of work a day

• Understand the strategies I used to grow to 50k

• Optimize your Likes, Comments & RT's

• Use a step-by-step process to monetize your Twitter 


✔️ Who am I?

I'm the personal finance blogger Route 2 FI.

I've been blogging about financial independence, minimalism, and life philosophy for the last 3 years.

Today, I run one of the world’s biggest personal finance blogs & I’m in the top 3 largest Twitter accounts in this niche (51K at the moment).

👍 Who is this book for?

• People who are serious about building a large following on Twitter

• People willing to spend at least 30 min per day on Twitter

• People who want to monetize their Twitter accounts

👎 Who should not buy this book?

•People that don't want to earn money from Twitter

•People looking for a quick fix

•Lazy people uninterested in putting in the necessary up-front work



If you are unsatisfied, I will happily refund your money. Email me at Let me know the problem & you will get your money back.

It is that simple.

What do my readers say?

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This product is not currently for sale.

This book teaches you how to grow your account much faster than you've imagined. If you're not gaining at least 1K followers per month by following my method I'll refund your money.



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The Winning Recipe For Twitter: Earn Money And Grow Followers From Day 1

210 ratings